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We Always Forget The Goal!

It seems incredible to me that I often forget the 'main goal'.  

Have you ever done a mountain of work and then realized you still didn't finish the main job?   Have you ever thought you were working towards a goal, only to find that you were constantly getting redirected to unnecessary tangents - which seemed so necessary at the time?  Why must we all be SO tangental?

With respect to financial freedom, there is only one goal and here it is:

Monthly non-working income/cashflow MUST be    >   Monthly Expenses +

If you're a specialist doctor for example make $500k per year, are you financial free?   NO.  Because you still NEED to work to make money to pay your bills.  If you stop working, your income will stop in this case - no matter how much money you are making!

The key really is:  income that is not dependant on you working to get it.   What type of income is that?   - Cashflow income for rental properties that are taken care of by a property management company.  I have a few of these properties and over time, I have come to realize that RichDad's teachings (Robert Kiyosaki) are integral to financial freedom.   Because if you have to WORK for your money, they even if you make a lot of it, you are not financially free  (you are still tied to working to get the cash).   This can only occur if the money you make is not dependent on you working daily.  

Now that it has been put this way, be truthful to yourself.   How much of your income is not dependent on you working daily?   If you can truly say that your non-working income is greater than your monthly expenses, then you are financially free.  If no matter how much money you make, you can't say that, you are NOT financially free in your day job!  There are many people, who, even though they make A LOT of money are NOT financially free.

Don't forget the goal:   financial freedom comes from work-independent income which is greater than your expenses.  




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Hi Paola,

Great advice - very often everybody becomes caught up in the "action" or "process" and/or becomes a creature of habit. In the process they forget about keeping a clear focus on the goal. Heaven forbid they fall victim to the 'follow-the-herd' mentality, which only causes them to lose focus on the goal (or worse - change their goal to please others)!

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