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Making Money Through Generating Additional Income

There are so many ways to make money, it's unbelievable!   As this global economy turns more and more to entreprenuerial rhythms and moves further and further away from the long-term loyal employee/employer relationship, we will need to look at alternative forms of generating income.

Obviously one such way is to ensure our real estate purchases can 'pay us monthly'.   If they do, we have just learned to generate additional income.  In more advanced real estate circles, these are called cashflow purchases.

Another way is to find a real estate property that can generate seasonal cashflow income, such as a recreational property in Muskoka, Collingwood (Blue Mountain), or Wasaga Beach.   These properties can be rented on a seasonal basis and generate some income - at least enough to subsidize their money extraction from your pocket.   All the while, these properties that will NEVER REALLY go down in value (they're not making any waterfront property anymore  - but they are making some new city properties by encroaching into rural land bases!), continue to go up, up, and way up.

A third way is to create a secondary business on the side from your regular day job (notice that I didn't include your day job as a way to generate income, as most of us who have a day job generate only enough income to live paycheck to paycheck.   You can even get your name out there for free these days!  (www.kijiji.ca)

A fourth way is to create an internet business that will add passive income to your cash base.

A fifth way to generate income, which is often overlooked, is the reduction of expenses - without having to change your lifestyle and comfort level.   It's incredible once we actually spend one full day going through everything, how much we can save by making simple changes, all of which have little or no impact in our lives. 

Making changes in your life to generate additional income on your road to financial freedom is the way to go!   Do it today!    Take Action!   Generate Wealth!


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