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It's Amazing What People Will Do and How They Think!

Each time I check my website statistics, I am baffled by the contents!

I remember thinking it was strange initially.   Now, I no longer think it's strange, but I still think it's a product of our lifestyles, our thinking, our negative money patterns, and our ignorance.

I continue to be amazed at how many people do it?   What is it, you ask?

Here it is:   more people check my "Products" pages than my "Links" or "Resources" pages!   Why is that?

I mean, if you log onto a great website (such as www.canadianfinancialfreedom.com  - lol), then why not use it to your benefit instead of looking for a way to have it negate some part of you?  If  people are looking more at my products pages for examples than my resources pages (not that I mind it, mind you), but this means they're immediately looking for what I sell (so they can buy), instead of what I offer (so they can learn, register information, and improve their lives).  

Now don't get me wrong:   everything I sell is worthwhile and it goes to a good cause; I use it to subsidize the kids at my school who can't afford to come.     So, it's going to a good cause, for sure.

But think about it:  this means that most people are FIRST thinking to buy something/spend money, than to learn about how to change their lives!

It's our thinking that's off-centre.   We should change.   And, we should spread the word about change.


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