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Real Estate is the Best - Besides My School! LOL

There is no business like real estate.   It's been interesting to say the least - and money-making for me, for sure.   What is there to complain about?   Well, let me give it a try.

Well, tonight for the first time since the 1980s, (!) I went to Wine'n'Cheese (or cocktail party)!   I generally don't do that, but I have to admit it was an incredible experience.   I had fun, enjoyed some good times with new friends, had some good food, and learned a few new things!   What could be wrong with that?  Nothing.   But damn it!   Real estate is changing me.  

Another thing is that real estate (and especially my incredible monetary successes in real estate) have made me interested in money.   I was the ultimate 'granola girl' (coined by one of my students) until a few short years ago, but now, I have millions in equity and no more friggin' granola!  Now:  I actually want money!   Well, that's not as bad as it sounds (lol).   I actually want the security behind it.   What is wrong with that?   Nothing, of course.  But damn it!   Real estate is changing me.

A third thing is that real estate has recently MADE me take a weekend off, fly to Florida, and cruise through the Caribbean.  I taught a few people something on the 'real estate' cruise; I learned a few things, and I enjoyed some time in the sun with a few good friends, great food and good wine.   I left my kids, my school, my family, my headaches AND all of the stress of my life.   What's wrong with that?   Well - nothing!   But damn it!   Real estate is changing me.

And finally of course is that now with my club and my part-time real estate career, I have met a lot of new real estate friends.   Previously my life was a series of commas between the days of hectic and fractious teenage output!   Now, my life is punctuated with adult conversation and less "Yo - miss, where's my math back?"   What could be wrong with that?   Well - nothing, of course.   But damn that real estate!   It is changing me!



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