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Should We Take Responsibility

I often wonder whether the excesses of our lifestyles (as opposed to the lifestyles of our parents and grandparents) are at least partially responsible for this mess we're in now.   For many decades, we have lived in what I call the "I deserve" decade.   During this time, we have not worked for the money first, then purchased later.   Instead, we have bought first (because we deserve) then figured out how to pay for it later.   In simple terms, this is easy to understand:  the over mortgaging of a house, the easy credit society of North America, the resistance to working for a living, or the grandiose excesses of our lives.  
What if we were to apply this concept to a much larger scenario?   Take for example, the workers in the automobile industry.   Can we consider that the union strength and worker demands might have had at least something to do with the fact that there is almost no positive, healthy auto industry left?  What about Nortel?  This corporation (who's stock are now valued at 10 cents, and has written off 3 billion dollars over the last 4 months and fired over 70,000 employees) has just somehow voted on 45 million dollars worth of bonuses for senior level management!   I mean, imagine the entitlement umbrella under which these guys are taking cover!  And this is just after posting a 15% drop in revenue!
If we think about, we have all been responsible for getting to where we have landed.  Our destination was almost certified from the day we boarded the train.   If we are to climb our way out of this, I believe we will need to take some responsibility for changing the way we operate, both personally, and corporately. 


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