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Your New Part-Time Job


During the last few meetings, I was esposing the virtues of a weekly time you could allocate/dedicate to your new part-time job.   This part-time job is about securing your future or attaining your financial goals.   The idea is that you would set aside 2-4 hours per week to dedicate to your financial future.   You spend that time (come hell or high water) at the computer doing 'real estate homework', meeting with a mentor, or reading a Rich Dad book (or checking out the CFF website www.canadianfinancialfreedom.com, or doing whatever you need to do to make your financial future better.    I've picked one night per week from 11:00 pm to 1:30 am because it's the only time I have and it works for my life style:  I know nothing will come in the way of it.  
Over the last few years, when I have employed this strategy, it has worked.   When I have not, (although I still have all the past financial improvement to enjoy), I gain nothing new.   
What's the moral of the story?    Get yourself a new part time job!
One for which you receive no money, just a much more promising financial future.   And one that's for you....only you....and your retirement, or the financing of your dream, or for your family; one that's for whatever you want it to be.   You just have to do it.


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