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Investment Resolutions!

Have you made any Investment Resolutions?   If you haven't yet done that, why not consider these?
  1. Wake up every morning and write out the sentence:  "I am an investor.   What will I do today to confirm that fact? 
  2. Attend a meeting each WEEK to further your investment network, connections, and most important - your knowledge base. 
  3. Play Cashflow at least once a week: it trains your mind to think about collecting assets instead of spending money to acquire doodads.
  4. Purchase at least X number of properties by X Time Frame.   (Create your goal and work towards it.)
  5. Buy, or at least offer to purchase, at least one property per month this calendar year.
  6. Travel to another town or city outside of your comfort zone and meet with a new agent at least once a month. 
  7. Read one new investment book at least once a month.



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