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Barter - The Recessionary Economy


Has anyone heard about barter exchanges?   I've been using BNL (Barter Network Ltd.) and Itex Canada for sales and purchases for several years, and it's worked really well.   What is a barter exchange?   The simple version of a barter exchange is that it works on the old fashioned idea of trading services or goods.    It's a great system if you're short of cash, or want to produce extra disposable income with little effort to a dedicated market.   The barter exchanges I have used are "Barter Network Limited"  http://www.barternetworkltd.com/index.asp and Itex Canada michael.muzzin@itexcanada.net, (www.itex.com) as well as Trade Business Exchange:   www.oktrade.ca.   There's also some internet websites www.barterforfree.com and www.swapsity.ca.  
In effect, you barter (trade) your services or goods in exchange for a credit, which then you can spend with any of the other people in the barter exchange system.   The bonus to this system is that it is cashless (you don't need money), and it is a dedicated market:  people will look to you because you are a barter exchange member.   It's a great idea!  (P.S.   The exchanges charge a small fee to join, then a percentage of sales, but it's worth it.)    Tell them I referred you - you never know I might get a kickback or referral fee, and instead of donuts and juice at the next meeting, we might just have champagne and caviar!  LOL....


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