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A Dozen Hard Learned Lessons!



Lesson # 1:  Combine the things you love, but make sure one of them makes you money! 
Lesson # 2:  Watch Fads because they could become Moneymakers! 
Lesson # 3:  Even successful people can be close minded about new things - they may only trust the market they know. 
Lesson # 4:  Realize how stupid you were yesterday, how much you need to learn today, and how much you will realize you didn't know today when tomorrow comes
Lesson # 5:  There is always another way to solve the problem; you just have to be open-minded enough to see it
Lesson # 6:  Don't be afraid to venture out and try something new
Lesson # 7:  Real estate growth is way easier than working for a living
Lesson # 8:  "Listen to people who have more than you in the field in which you wish to gain, not less.   Pay attention to their prejudices about new things, but trust what they say about what they know.
Lesson # 9:  Even though you make the same amount of money, you can move up if your real estate makes more money than you do!) 
Lesson # 10:  Don't be afraid to do what you love, just find something else to subsidize it, instead of having it deplete you.)  
Lesson # 11:  Fear and need are powerful motivators.
Lesson # 12:  Don't forget to give.   You shall receive.   Always spend your days trying to find some way of giving back something.   It doesn't really matter what, who, or how much.   Just do it!


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