"I was just a single woman with a relatively low paying job.  This group of startup investors helped
me change the way I was thinking.   For years, I paid rent to my landlord out of my meagre income.
 It just always seemed to be going nowhere.  Canadian Financial Freedom showed me how to buy
a small condo in Toronto for 5% down, with another investor.   I paid the mortgage and condo fees,
which was close to what I was paying anyways,  which made the investor happy, (they had no
negative cash flow) and they helped me sign for the deal.   In return for helping me buy the place,
they get half the profit if it went up.  This worked out beautifully for both of us.  I had a beautiful
place, they had a great investment which paid for itself, and we both have made about $7500 in
three years in equity increases.  Now, I've already moved up.  Thank you
!"     W.M.  Toronto

"We bought a small lot in a nice area in cottage country and sold it for a huge profit after just two
!"    J.M.  Richmond Hill, Ontario

"I would've never thought of buying a small country lot for cash (we used our very low savings
account), qualifying for a 'bad credit consumer loan to get a pre-fab house on our lot, then tripling
the value of our investment by getting a new appraisal, mortgaging the property and getting
immediate excellent cash flow by getting a lease to own purchaser.  We made more money in a
year than we'd been saving for ten
."   L.W.M.  Ajax

"Who knew that other people were in the same boat and would join together with us to make a deal
work?  I don't know why we were so scared for so long; I guess we just believed everyone that
investment was risky and continued to work on the idea that our job should provide our income.  
Looking back, I can't help thinking what antiquated ideas we had
."  Mary-Ellen W., Brampton

"Our life has changed in just two short years.   We now look at property and opportunity in a
completely different way.  Although we only have $500 a month extra in cash flow, we now have
200k in property - and more to come.   We now realize that what we gain is directly reflective of how
much we are willing to modify our thinking."   
P.B.G., Scarborough

"Canadian Financial Freedom taught me to look for property in places like Cornwall and Hamilton,
instead of just being blocked out of the market because we live in Toronto.   All I can say is 'WOW' -
too bad we didn't start this five years ago."
 S.C. Picton

"I just wanted to say how
awesome your class on
Tax Sales was.   I am
absolutely impressed
invest so much of your
time and energy into
sharing the information
with us.  Yeah, we did pay
for it, but you delivered
ten times that!"
S. Danio, Oakville, Ontario
Real Estate Success Story
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