Would you like to change your financial position?
At Canadian Freedom Financial, we offer free mentorship through informal training (at monthly
meetings), formal training, (through seminars and booklets), as well as links to investment oriented
pre-approved sites, as well as articles and  products for purchase which can teach you what you
need to know to change your financial position.

We offer free monthly investor newsletters, complete with hot real estate tips, articles by investors
who have been successful, training, both informal and formal on issues such as tax sales in
Canada, alternative methods of purchasing real estate, actual real estate deals, including zero down
products, Lease-to-own for those who don't qualify for purchase through the traditional methods,
links to other organizations who've been instrumental in our success, joint venture dealings,
innovative software products to analyze business and real estate decisions, and much more.  
Consulting on Business Management, specifically accounting and cash flow issues, as
well as management decision-making.
Real Estate Portfolio Analysis - Improve Your Portfolio - we offer consulting services
including the searching out of new deals, and/or improving your immediate portfolio for
Analysis:  of your company finances through innovative (almost forensic) software product
which isolates critical problem areas offers solutions and suggestions.
Business Consulting Package (fee for service) - for those businesses who are finding their
cash flow supplies depleting, but aren't sure exactly why.
Advice:   through newsletters, links and suggestions for other products (not ours) which can
help change your financial future.
Land Inventory - At any time, we have small and medium size pieces of land for sale in
various localities of southern Ontario where you could place a pre-fab home and instantly
gain thousands.  
Pre-foreclosure situations:   We buy homes and save homeowners who are about to lose
their homes for mortgage owing plus cash payout to homeowner.   If you're about to be
kicked out by the bank, we'll buy you out instead.  You can even lease back your own home.
Mentorship for Investment:   informal suggestions about your real estate portfolio
(especially for those who have none yet), virtual mentorship program for fee.   This is a one-
time $500 payment for our individualized "Get Started in Real Estate Today" mentorship
Lease-To-Own Purchase Option Matchup Program -  Would you like to own a home but
can't come up with the downpayment?   Are your credit problems deterring you from home
ownership?   Do you feel that paying rent monthly is just throwing your money away?  
Wouldn't you prefer to pay yourself each month in the form of mortgage payments?  If this
describes you, contact us for your personal matchup.  We have a small inventory of homes
which could be purchased as lease-to-own homes.
Inexpensive website production for start-up companies.   Just $500 gets you a website!
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Business Network
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of money
Property Managers
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"Never spend money
until you make it!"

All too often people buy       
the 'office furniture' before   
they have the first sale.        
 Why not use an old
kitchen table for awhile?  
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