Can You Make Money in Tax Sales?
What are tax sales and can you really make money purchasing a tax sale?
Yes!  Yes!  Yes!    
Again, you have to be a 'free thinker'  and you need to train your mind not to 'obstaclize'.  
Tax sales are sales which are held by the township or city where the land is held, and where taxes should be
paid.  Once three years passes, they are free to start proceedings for a tax sale.  Tax sales free a property
from any and all encumbrances, (including mortgages) except for crown liens (money owed to the crown, or
the government of Canada).   Crown liens are not withdrawn after tax sales, but all mortgages are withdrawn.  
 Often, you can buy property well below market value.  

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Other options are to check out the following websites and forums:

Tax Sale Property

Ontario Tax Sales

You could also try locating the book "Non - Traditional Methods of Buying Real Estate" by Paul Gordon.  We
can't locate it on Amazon, but you could ask your local bookstore to order it.
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