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Money Really Does Talk

Truth be told, I was once labelled a 'granola woman' by a quick-witted, very intelligent but very difficult student.  He laughed at my insistence that making money was not the be-all and the end-all and that the passion I had for my work was what really mattered.   He would laugh and confidently say "You don't know what the f.... you're talking about!" (My students are somewhat behavioural...lol...).  He would continue, "Money talks.  And granola sure doesn't."

It took me awhile to realize that, although my passion was real and spiritually fulfilling, money does the real talking.  

For example, I once tried to explain to my bank manager (who had not been pleased by my series of returned cheques - someone had returned a cheque on me and of course, I had no back-up, so the ripple effect took place), that my job was incredible and that money wasn't everything!

He said "You're talking to your bank manager, not your soulmate and you're in the bank staring me down because of your mistake, you're not on a dock watching the canoers go by."   It was just a few minutes later that my lovely student made the granola comment. 

I thought long and hard about how I was sandwiched between my young, wild-child brilliant student and my stern older, conservative bank manager.   They were both on opposite ends of the pendulum, but they were both saying the same thing.

It was just after that when I answered the phone to Toronto Hydro threatening to cut off my hydro at my place of business because the bill hadn't been paid.   I immediately visualized walking into the bank and the Hydro company and offering a granola bar as payment!   I laughed out loud.  But, I had learned a valuable lesson:   money talks, not granola!


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