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I Saved A Lot Of Cash This Christmas

Well, I was looking for ways to save money this Christmas.   Loaded with my incredible list on hand, and my knowledge of the imminent economic disaster in mind, I decided to practise what I preach and find a way to reduce my cash output this Christmas.  

It was then that I fell upon a new Canadian (local) and very interesting site:  www.swapsity.ca.   If you're looking for something without having to pay for it, or you want something but can't afford it, swapping or bartering is the way to go.   Here's a list of the things on my Christmas list I either swapped or bartered for over the last few weeks:  Raptors tickets, Winter Trip Accommodation for my school (a value of about $2500 - I would have had to pay for it out of pocket), a massage gift certificate for a very stressed out friend, and completely new carpeting for the open basement in my cottage.   Try it.  You might just like it!   And you might save a load of cash!

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