Spearheaded by a small group of investment-minded women in late 2004, Canadian Financial Freedom
operates from Toronto, Ontario.   Its homely beginnings were a series of bi-monthly investment
meetings in the home of one of the founders.  

We have no employees, and although we have a mailing address, we have virtually no office - as we are
all investors.  We work together to find deals which will not only increase our personal net worth, but will
also provide a safe and secure future for our families, especially our children.  We don't offer the
traditional forms of investment platforms, as that didn't work for us.  
We offer new and innovative

Although we have developed our own understanding of direction for our investments, we humbly thank
Rich Dad, Poor Dad company, Mr. Kiyosaki,  and Robert Allen - the first guy to think of zero down, for
their integral influence.   We also wish to thank the Canadian gurus like Darren Weeks of
Fast Track to
Cash Flow and Don Campbell of the Canadian Acre System.   Their systems of real estate purchase
works - attend their seminars, buy their stuff, listen to their suggestions.  
We did, and it worked.

We also wish to thank all the Canadian smaller investment groups like
Helping Each Other by Joan
The Thornhill Wealth Forum, the various cash flow clubs, isolated investors we've met, who've
trusted us enough to join their money with our's to perpetuate financial freedom - and all the
people/investors we've met and learned from through the groups.

    We want financial freedom for our founding group members - and we want to share
    information, resources, and freedom vehicles with other Canadians, and by doing so, teach
    them to attain financial freedom for themselves.  

    We will gain financial freedom by using the following vehicles:

  • open-minded thinking
  • the 'I Can' philosophy of life
  • the transfer of knowledge to others
  • the consistent donation of time, effort and cash
  • the reduction of negative vehicles
  • the attainment of positive 'freedom vehicles', specifically real estate
  • the investment in new ideas and products
  • and finally, a pledge to maintain our commitment permanently.
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"Create a definite plan for
carrying out your desire
and begin at once,
whether you're ready or
not, to put this plan into

Napoleon Hill
Think and Grow Rich

"No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it."
Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich

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