One of the best ways to make money in real estate is through value added or instant equity.  The easiest
way to acquire instant equity is to buy a property below value.  Unfortunately, that's easier said than done,
with tax sales, foreclosures, power of sale properties, and generally desperate people needing to close
quickly.  They are generally willing to forego a higher price for a quicker closing.  If you're able to provide
that, then you've lucked out.  If you're not, you'll have to look for another type of instant value added
property.    If you have  a vacant building lot, or if you are able to buy one in the country (but near a town or
small city) with either cash (possibly borrowed from another property or with an RRSP mortgage from an
arm's length person, then you would qualify for the purchase of a lot.  Then, you could quickly add a
modular or pre-fab home (built at any time of year without shrinkage or damage due to the Canadian
outdoor elements).   Your property would immediately go up by the value of the home and the property.  If
you got an appraisal and had it mortgaged, you could immediately use the mortgage to 'pay-off' the pre
fab home you've financed (through the pre-fab dealer) and use the extra money to buy another asset.   
Then, the pre-fab home could either be put on the market or sold with lease-to-own, or rented out for
positive cash flow.    Below, we've linked to a few pre-fab home dealers in our area who could possibly
help you profit from  the value added instant home equity idea.  
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